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Myrtos beach

Kefalonia has long established credentials as one of the most beautiful places in the world, having received accolades from many high profile professional publications such as Forbes, who awarded Kefalonia the 4th place spot in the 'world's most idyllic places to live'.

Myrtos beach, pictured above, the jewel of Kefalonia, is widely considered to be the finest beach in Greece and is regularly featured on lists of the the top ten in the world. Please be sure to browse the gallery at the bottom of this page for some photographs of the region, showing its wide variety of colours and landscapes. Whether you want a mountain trek, a dungeon crawl through an ancient castle, a tour through millions of years old caves with underwater lakes, or just to relax next to the clean refreshing Ionian sea, Kefalonia can accommodate you in a way few other destinations can match.

Forbes about Kefalonia

One of the many surprising gifts of nature to be found in Kefalonia, Lake Melissani is a stunning underground lake. Close to Karavomilos, only a half kilometre from the sea, this cave-lake has an open roof allowing the light to play on the surface of the water and cast vivid colours and reflections on the glistening walls of the cavern. Small boats circle the lake offering breath-taking photo opportunities of this natural phenomenon. Its Greek name 'cave of the nymphs' reinforces the widely held opinion of those who study the Greek Odyssey, that Lake Melissani is in fact Homer's Cave of the Nymphs, a place of mischievous magical creatures!

Lake Melissani

Why Karavomylos?

Location, location, location...

Being one of the very few brand new coastline properties on Kefalonia, this is a unique opportunity to own a piece of what is arguably one of the prime locations on the Island. The project is situated in an area of outstanding beauty, right on the beachline, with views that include verdant tundras, high mountains, and of course the greens and blues of the sea and sky.

Only a few meters from our project is Karavomylos, a picturesque village just minutes away from the convenient and busy port of Sami (one of the island's main sea ports). Lake Melissani is close-by, as is our personal favorite fish restaurant on the island, only 100 meters along the coast.

Being close to the main port brings great convenience for both summertime visitors and those who choose to use their homes all year round. Mainland Greece can be reached in just one hour under ideal circumstances. Karavomylos is also in conveniently positioned'middle ground' of the island, to be further north would distance you from the southern attractions, and further south, you would be far from the cosmopolitan town of Fiskardo and the improbably located Assos, on the peninsula of a smaller island by the same name.



Local attractions

Visitors can expect to find a variety of activities across the island, particularly during the high season when many businesses set up on the island for the tourists. From horse riding to hiking, snorkelling, scuba diving and water-sports to canoe and pleasurecraft rentals to name a few.

If that all sounds like too much exercise, there is no shortage of activities aimed at relaxation and aesthetic enjoyment of the island. For example, one could tour the cave lakes on a leisurely boat ride, taking in nature's art that's been literally millions of years in the making, or simply explore the island's many olive groves, vineyards, caves, churches and monasteries, not to mention castles. In particular the vineyards are well known for their quality produce and many islanders try their hand at wine-making.

It hardly seems necessary to mention the beaches. Including the already mentioned world famous Myrtos beach, the equally impressive Antisamos beach at the foot of mount Aenos, there are hundreds of small and wondrous virgin bays; many which can be reached only by boat, for that special feeling of total seclusion and privacy.

The immediate vicinity of Karavomylos also offers water taxis to nearby Ithaca, which again has a wide variety of natural and man-made attractions. Lastly, what good would all this beauty be if there were no modern convenience that we have all come to expect? Again Kefalonia will not disappoint, the majority of towns are used to hosting foreign visitors since 3000BC! Even the most discerning will find all the essentials of life on the island and a large amount of the less essentials as well.

Rough Guides - on Kefalonia

While we've barely scratched the surface of what the island has to offer, we hope this has whet your appetite, but if not, then we're sure we can close the deal with the gallery below, showing just a few of our favorite photographs of the island. Enjoy!

Clicking on any one of the images below will open the gallery to browse full screen.